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How do you know if a cat likes you?

  • How do you know if a cat likes you?

We know that the biggest difference between raising cats and dogs is that cats are not as obedient and clingy as dogs. Dogs will wag their tails to coquettish you, practice skills such as sitting down and shaking hands, and try their best to please their owners. Especially when we get home from a day's work, the dog will rush up to greet us excitedly, while the cat always seems to be indifferent. This confuses many cat owners: after raising cat for so long, does it have any feelings for me?

In fact, whether it is cats or dogs, they all have feelings. Getting along with each other for a long time will definitely gain their trust. Cats and dogs are very fond of their owners stroking them, and they also like to play with their owners, which is a manifestation of their dependence and goodwill on human beings. Once such feelings are developed, we should cherish them, because while we love them, they can be felt and will return to us in unique ways.

Cats have an admirable emotional intelligence and adaptability. They are very attentive to the mood and behavior of their owners and are very sensitive to the environment in which they live. A cat's environment is critical to both its physical and mental health, and an uncomfortable environment can negatively affect a cat's mood. Therefore, when purchasing cat products, it is not only based on the owner's preference, but also in line with the cat's living habits.

Also, if the owner suffers from anxiety, anger, depression, or impulsiveness, there is a high chance that the person's cat will also exhibit behavioral problems or exhibit symptoms of anxiety. Correspondingly, owners who are more lively, happy, and lovable will have a more positive impact on their cats. When having a happy owner, cats also have fewer behavioral problems, such as aggression or avoidance. In other words, if your cat is avoiding you or not expressing his desire to be with you, it may be because he feels neglected.

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