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How to better play with cats?

  • How to better play with cats?

The biggest advantage of raising a cat is to relax. If the owner and the cat have a fixed play time every day, they can increase the interaction with the cat, which can not only increase mutual trust, but also help the owner relieve stress!

Cats are just like babies, and playing with cats is also important. So how to better play with cats?

First, don't play too intense games

Because cats, as felines, have the habit of hunting, do not use hands as toys to play with the cats, and try to avoid pushing the cat with hands and fighting with the cat fiercely, otherwise the cat will regard the owner's hand as an enemy. When the cat is too excited, it may accidentally injure the owner.

Second, use cat toys correctly

Cats are naturally interested in cat toys. As long as choose the right toy, the cat will be attracted, but be careful not to let the cat keep chasing the toy, but not let them catch the toy, otherwise the cat may have some frustration and gradually lose interest in the toy .

If the toy is only tossed in front of the cat, it may not be attractive to some mature cats. When playing with cats, snake cat toys imitate the movement of snakes, so as to stimulate the cat's hunting instinct.

Third, do not end the game when the cat is excited

The cat will be very excited when it enters the game state, but if the owner plays with it for a while and then stops abruptly, the cat is easily stressed. Therefore, it is best to wait until the cat gradually calms down before stopping play.

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