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How to make dogs like to play with toys?

  • How to make dogs like to play with toys?

Toys for dogs of all ages are not the same, like puppies who have not grown up, because they are immature or are undergoing a period of tooth replacement, so when choosing dog toys, dog owners can choose bite-resistant toys, or a plush toy to accompany them.

For middle-aged and even elderly dogs, in addition to choosing interactive toys that increase the activity and make the dogs consume their energy, more importantly, old dogs especially need dog sniffing pads. Dog educational toys help to resist Melancholy and prevent dementia.

Some dog owners have bought so many dog supplies. Why would their dogs rather make trouble at home than play? There is only one truth, and that is that dogs are tired of playing! In fact, dogs love the new and dislike the old too.

It only takes a few tricks to keep the dog fresh with toys, and dog owners can also save money.

1. Don't keep all the toys beside the dog

At first, the dog may like to play with new toys, but as the freshness fades, he will gradually put the toys aside without even looking at it. Therefore, after the dog owner comes back from buying a new toy, it is best to set a limited time for the dog to play with, and hide the toy after playing so that he will not touch it. Only take it out when it is allowed to play. Let the dog keep the freshness of the toy, and then he will cherish it more when playing.

2. Take turns changing toys for dogs to play

It’s best not to give all the toys to the dog at once. After a period of time, the dog's freshness to these toys will fade. Therefore, the owner can prepare 3 to 4 toys for the dog every week, and only allow him to play with these toys this week. When dog owners change to another batch of toys next week, dogs will have a very high sense of freshness to the new batch of toys, and naturally they will have a lot of fun.

3. Let dogs have positive associations with toys

Some dog owners may say that their dogs don't seem to be interested in toys. It may be that the dog has lost interest in these toys, and dog owners can use a little trick to make the dog fall in love again. The easiest way is to add some new temptations to toys to re-stimulate the dog's interest in toys.

For example, when the dog is actively playing with this toy, give him some snacks as a reward. When the dog doesn't like to play with a certain chew toy, put a little peanut butter on the toy and tempt he with the smell of food. When they see this toy next time, they will think of the aroma of peanut butter, and naturally they will give priority to this chew toy.

In addition, dog owners can use a toy to interact with the dog more often, which will make the dog have more expectations and love for the toy. After all, for dogs, the best reward is food and the love of the owner.

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