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Instruction before choosing dog collar or dog harness

  • Instruction before choosing dog collar or dog harness

Novice dog parents will definitely be hesitant about dog collars or dog harnesses, so how do you judge whether your dog is suitable for collars or harnesses? We should first understand the pros and cons of both.

Dog Collar

Pros: provide better control of the dog

Everyone who pays attention to the dogs on the field will find that they all wear a very thin chain. Because the owner can immediately stop the dog when it is disobedient. The neck is the most sensitive place. A little force can restrain the dog's behavior and help train them to be obedient. If the average family dog ​​chooses a collar, the dog will be tamed very quickly.

Cons: damage neck hair

However, the collar has the only "disadvantage", that is, long-term wear can easily on the neck of the long-haired dog, so you should choose a collar with a good texture, such as leather, or soft cotton cloth. Good air permeability, the damage to the dog hair will also be greatly reduced.

Dogs with collars should wear collars as little as possible to protect their hair when they are not going out. Some large dogs, which need to be worn for a long time, also need to remove the collar and comb the neck hair every day to maintain health.

Dog Harness

Pros:  Wide range of pressure

Many owners feel that the collar will strangle the dog, so they choose a chest harness. Dog harness is very suitable for some specific dogs, such as a small Chihuahua or a dog with acute and chronic throat diseases, which will be more comfortable!

Cons: Poor control.

However, the obedience of dogs using dog harnesses is far worse than those using collars. We can find that many dogs who like to rampage are using harnesses, and most of them are more excited. Owners choose dog harness, often hoping that dogs will not be strangled no matter how they run. But the more excited the dog is, the more difficult it is to tame, and the dog harness can only acts as a restraint, and does not achieve the purpose of tame. Over time, the dog's obedience will decrease.

Be sure to dog strap with a width of more than 1 cm, which can relieve the pressure. Growing puppies should never choose a harness under the assumption that the collar will be strangled, as the pressure of the harness can deform their bones.

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