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Is your cat bowl qualified?

  • Is your cat bowl qualified?

A cat owner raised a beautiful short tabby cat. When the cat was a kitten, everything was normal, but later the owner found out that the cat actually started to imitate humans when it was eating, and ate food with its paws. And this cat is quite skilled at grasping food with its paws. The cat will first fully open its small paws, then grab a part of the cat food from the cat bowl, and finally put the cat food into its mouth by paws.

The owner who watched this phenomenon was amazed, and then the owner took a video of the cat eating with its paws and put it on the Internet, attracting a crowd of onlookers and praise. Someone in the comments said: "This cat may have watched the owner eat with his hands, and then learned it?" Others said: "The cat has begun to get rid of the primitive and learned to be elegant?" So cat products are unnecessary form now on?

However,  it is not a good phenomenon for cats to eat with their paws. What we call "elegance" or "learning from the owner to eat" is a misinterpretation. If you look closely at a cat that eats with its paws, you will see that the cat devours its food, as if it were starving. But pet cats have plenty of food, why do they gobble it? This only shows that this cat hates its cat bowls, but it is so hungry that it is forced to eat with his paws!

Why do cats hate cat bowls? In fact, the truth is all in the cat's whiskers, a phenomenon called whisker fatigue. Whiskers are the most sensitive sensory organs in cats. Cats whiskers can help cats sense wind, humidity, and even sound waves in the air, and slight vibrations. Cats will use these sensory information to identify whether their surroundings are safe or not. And when the cat gets into a small space, it will first measure the size of the space with its whiskers. If the whiskers are severely touched, it means that the space is too small and the cat will be stuck.

Therefore, for cats, the whiskers being touched are dangerous, and also cats are very timid and vigilant creatures. Once the whiskers are touched for a long time, the cat's nerves will be tense for a long time, resulting in "whisker fatigue".

This is why cats eat with their claws, because the cat bowl is too small or too deep, and every time they eat, the cat bowl will keep touching the cat's whiskers, which will bring unprovoked tension to the cat. For a long time, the cat will think that the cat bowl is a dangerous item, so the cat will hate eating and the cat bowl, but once it is hungry for too long, the cat can only find a way to get food from the cat bowl. The phenomenon of claws grabbing food from the cat's bowl is forced out by hunger.

Therefore, when cat owners raise cats, they must prepare qualified cat food and water bowls for their cats. If the cat bowls are not qualified, the cats will hate eating, even lose weight, and cause "whisker fatigue".

An eligible cat bowl must have the following:

First: It must be bigger than the cat's face, so as not to touch the cat's whiskers.

Second: If you have a big-faced cat such as Garfield, it is recommended to choose a plate-type cat bowl.

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