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What does cats purr mean?

  • What does cats purr mean?

Regarding the state of mind of cats when they purr, some researchers have found that when cats are in pain, childbirth, or even dying, they will also purr. This shows that the reason why cats purr is because of physical and mental relaxation is not absolute. Different scenarios have different reasons for cats purring.

1. When cats are happy and relaxed

The cat wants you to be near and pet him. When the cat wants you to play with him or shows that he is happy and content, he will purr to attract your attention, and it will be lively and loud. At this time, taking out the cat toys and interacting with the cat for a while can effectively enhance the relationship between you.

When a cat sleeps next to you or when you massage him, they purr as a sign that they are comfortable and encourage you to keep doing it.

2. When the cat asks for help

Research has found that cats also purr when they are being treated for serious injuries. Therefore, the purring of cats is actually a social performance. The purring is used to send a signal to tell others about their current state. When they are suffering from pain, purring is a signal for help and let others know that they are need help. Cat purrs can regulate mood, soothe pain, and promote bone and muscle healing, so when a cat is injured, he always hide and be quiet to heal.

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