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Why does my cat vomit?

  • Why does my cat vomit?

Cat vomiting is generally divided into two conditions, one is physiological, and the other is pathological. Therefore, we need to judge which type it belongs to. We can judge from what it vomited, how much it vomited, what color it vomited, when it vomited, and its state of mind, drinking and eating, and so on.

1. Spit out gastric juice

The vomit is a viscous transparent liquid with white foamy gastric juice. If the vomiting is too violent, the yellow bile may also be vomited out.

This is a symptom of vomiting on an empty stomach. When there is no undigested food in the stomach, the cat will also feel uncomfortable in the stomach and cause vomiting. Carnivorous cat food often contains too much acid. If the fasting time is too long, it will cause excessive gastric acid secretion, which makes the cat uncomfortable and even causes gastritis.

The solution is to eat less and more meals, which is more suitable for cats, so that they maintain normal gastric secretion.

2. Spit out hair

Vomiting hair is a very normal and beneficial thing for cats. Usually, the hair will be excreted with vomit. After vomiting, it will not affect the cat's appetite and spirit. However, if vomiting occurs frequently, it may still be abnormal. If you are sure that what your cat vomits is hair every time, then you need to help your cat reduce hair intake.

During the moulting season, you should often help your cat to comb the hair, which can effectively prevent excessive hair intake. Also feed your cats plant fiber regularly.

3. Undigested food

The cat vomited the food shortly after eating, the food was only half digested, and part of the food was still clearly visible. The reason is that eating too much or too fast, overloading the stomach and causing indigestion, or allergies in the stomach caused by cat food ingredients.

The solution is to feed small pellets of cat food or switch to cat food with different ingredients. If your cat have severe vomiting or frequent vomiting, go to the vet.

4. The vomit contains parasites

Vomit, with white translucent strips of parasites.

The reason is that the larvae and eggs of the parasite lurking in the digestive intestines. There are parasites in the vomit, which means that the number and reproduction of parasites in the cat's body have been quite large, and it needs to be dewormed in the body immediately.

5. Blood in the vomit

The vomit has light red or bright red blood. The reason is gastritis or gastrointestinal mucosa is scratched by a foreign body eaten by mistake. You need to go to the hospital as soon as possible, and you may need to take medication or use other methods to check and remove the foreign body.

6. A foreign body in the vomit

Plastic, thread balls and other foreign objects were found in the vomit. The cat may accidentally eat it. Some foreign bodies can't be eliminated from the body through normal digestion. They may also absorb the cat’s gastric juice and expand.

If there is a foreign body in the cat's vomit, it may mean that the foreign body has blocked the digestive tract. This is very dangerous. Even if it is vomited, it is not 100% safe, because the vomiting may only be part of the foreign body eaten. If the cat keeps vomiting frequently or has constipation, go to the vet for examination immediately and take out the foreign body in a professional way.

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